Shinvav audio therapeutic scalar waves

A wave is a vibration

A specific characteristic of a wave is that it spreads out energy in an orderly manner without any material transport.

Scalar waves do not spread along an axis, not even a direction in contrast to electromagnetic waves that are the only waves mastered and used in all human activities ( Wi-Fi, telephone, television... )

Scalar waves penetrate better with no deformation.

Therefore only scalar waves are able to convey information and reach the living heart.

And as they are spreading in a vortex like blood in arteries, they are biological waves.

Shinvav Audio: The only natural scalar sound that heals the neurons of the heart, this brain so important. (validated by GDV Kirlian ®)


Go from invisible to visible by healing with biological scalar waves Shinvav Audio........

The benedictine monk, Guido d'Arezzo (991 to 1050), rediscovered in this time the power of 6 electromagnetic sound frequencies which have harmonization powers of the living.

Doctor Leonard Horowitz in "the book of healing code for the biological apocalypse" has proven the power of these frequencies to rejuvenate our cells when they are emitted from speakers which generate biological natural scalar waves.

The SHINVAV AUDIO speakers are fully capable of bringing you back to your youth with these frequencies.