Totally handcrafted device without any compromise.

Electron tubes chosen for their unique qualities: transparency and dynamism!

Power supplied by a specifically-made oversized R-Core transformer.
Lundahl ® double C-core output transformers.
Mundorf ®, Ampohm ® and Vishay ® capacitors, for their rigorous features and manufacturing.
Vishay ® high-precision metal film resistors.
Silvered copper wire used by aeronautics for the hand-wired electron tubes.

Full-range loudspeakers freed from under-120 Hertz frequencies by a commutable high-pass filter, so as to give a perfect restitution of the medium and high audio-frequencies.

A solid alumimium FBE-coated frame holding all the components of the device together.
The laminated solid beech or ebony side-cheeks, together with 2 gilded 24-carat fine gold tube-protective frames, add to the final elegant touches.