Nature and simplicity are the keywords that best define the design of Shinvav speakers.

The enclosure is a cylinder made of crossed laminated solid Jura beech or water repellent hight density MDF, turned on lathe in order to create a spherical compression chamber at the back, opening on a specific horn.

The vortex thus generated reproduces a holophonic sound stage, mainly at the back of the speaker, giving to the mid-range frequencies a never heard before and uncoloured acoustic power.
Each cylinder is equipped with one highly efficient full-range Fostex ® loudspeaker.

The supports have been specifically designed and produced for Shinvav speakers. They include a non-magnetic stainless steel robust cradle fixed to a composite leg, consisting of a stainless steel and lacquered MDF framework.

The frequencies under 120 Hertz are provided by 1 or 2 subwoofers, according to the size of the room.

An unrivalled energy gives a perfect tone correctness, a real density and limpidity to the sound message.